About me...

In 1991, I was diagnosed with MS. At the time, I felt devastated. When I asked my doctor what I could do to get better, he said, "AVOID STRESS!" I remember thinking, you might as well tell me to avoid breathing. It seems stress is something that occurs everyday in one way or another. Whether stress is being experienced physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, it causes blocks of energy within us, a disharmony or unbalance. This can cause pain and illness.

Massage and Foot Zone Therapy release the blocked energy from the cells in the body, relieve stress and tension, stimulate blood and lymph flow, and begin the journey to being in balance.

In seeking ways to improve my health, I have discovered a passion to assist others who desire to reduce stress and create a healthy balance in their life.

Ronda Myer
LMT - Foot Zone Therapist - Reiki Practioner

(435) 830-7009

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From God to my heart,
From my heart to my hands,
From my hands to your soul.