Ronda Myer | Owner of The Balanced Soul


Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my page.  I am the owner of The Balanced Soul, Ronda Myer.  I graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School, The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy & The McKay Method School of Energy Healing. I have been providing Tooele County with amazing services at affordable prices since 2010. 

I love learning and have taken many continued education classes to improve my skills and benefit my clients.  My education, combined with my intuitive touch, create remarkable results for my clients.  If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, pain, PTSD, headaches, recovering from surgery, trying to heal to avoid surgery, insomnia, struggling with emotions or just need a quiet peaceful hour to yourself, I can help!

In 1991, I received some devastating news about my health.   When I asked my doctor what I could do to get better, he said, “AVOID STRESS!” I remember thinking, you might as well tell me to avoid breathing. It seems stress is something that occurs every day in one way or another.   In seeking ways to improve my health, I discovered my passion to assist others who desire to reduce stress and create a healthy balance in their life. 

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Did you know that emotions can create illness, pain and discomfort in our bodies and disturbance in our mental health? 

I learned this on my healing journey and wished I would have known how to release some emotions from my childhood when I was a child instead of carrying them with me as an adult.  If you are looking for ways to help children (and even grown-ups) release emotions check out my book, I Feel My Energy Body

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Foot Zone Practitioner, Certified McKay Method Energy Healer